Children’s Fantasy Promo – The Dragon in the Closet, Book One

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our last Otherworld stop of the week!  We’re going to be looking at a quirky and kooky kid’s fantasy comic series that expands far beyond the reach of the book we see here today, which means that if you had weekend plans, you’d better cancel them now.  Read on to learn more about The Dragon in the Closet.

A consummate storyteller, Carolyn Watson-Dubisch has written and illustrated a score of wonderful books, achieving no small measure of accolades in the process.  One of her most popular tales, The Dragon in the Closet, has received a Literary Titan Silver award, and she continues to create captivating, entertaining content for this series regularly.  The Dragon in the Closet, Book One, is a compilation of the first three issues of the series, collected in all their kooky glory.  Watson-Dubisch manages to capture the same sort of irreverent humor as you might see in something like the original Addams Family comics, with all the wit and charm therein, though with perhaps some extra splashes of color here and there.

A compilation of the first three issues of the series with 3 new chapters from issue four!

Orin Bean has terrible luck and a problem with monsters. His Nana seems to be a powerful witch, but he’s really a perfectly normal boy who just happens to have a dragon in the closet. What kid wouldn’t want that? A graphic novel for ages 8 and older.

“The Dragon in The Closet” takes readers on a lively adventure through a magical realm where anything can happen. Readers will be enthralled with this fantasy comic book that captures the imagination with charming artwork and an interesting use of magic. If you’re looking for a fun young adult comic book then I highly recommend this entertaining series.”- Literary Titan Book Awards

The series puts some twists on familiar fairytales, but the author’s style and her passion for the material shines through and gives it a breath of fresh air that will keep kids engaged, and will even have adults cracking smiles.  Watson-Dubisch might just be your new favorite children’s book author, and with her incredible work ethic, you’ll never run out of new material to dive into.  This book has certainly earned its fans, and now you can join in on the fun at bedtime or anytime.  Check out The Dragon in the Closet, Book One on Amazon today!  And if you’re looking for the paperback version, you can find that here on Amazon as well.

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