Children’s Fantasy Promo – Our New Friends, The Dragons

Greetings Otherworld travelers!  It’s an intense week, not just because of the impending holiday, but because of how busy this week is going to be for great fantasy.  I’ve got a great new story for you every day this week leading up to Christmas, with a brand new DeAngelo Christmas story dropping on Christmas day.  Today though, we’re starting you off right with a wonderful children’s story called Our New Friends, The Dragons.

Sandrian Nelson-Moon is a talented individual who keeps herself busy in a lot of different ways.  She’s been writing for years, and she has the distinction of flexing her considerable ability in a few different ways.  She’s starting with a charming and captivating children’s book called Our New Friends, The Dragons, which follows two children who are able to watch their imagination run wild.  Nelson-Moon does a wonderful job of weaving a tale that surprises and delights, while illustrator Bex Sutton captures it all with incredible visuals.

Lost in a wondrous world full of dragons, Kaela and Nason have an adventure of a lifetime!

Kaela and Nason love to play together and go on little adventures. One afternoon, however, their little escapade proves to be much more than they could have ever imagined.

Stumbling onto a secret portal in their house, Nason falls into what seems to be a never-ending sky. Hoping to save her brother, Kaela jumps in after him. Tumbling and falling through the sky in they are suddenly rescued by flying dragons.

Awestruck in what seems to be a dangerous world, they soon become friends with the dragons in their beautiful, magical world. But time is running out and they need to get back home before their mother wakes up.

Will our adventurous duo, with the help of their new friends, find the portal and make it back home in time?

Our Friends, the Dragons is a wonderful children’s story full of adventure, magic, and wondrous creatures that will captivate the imagination of every child.

Our New Friends, The Dragons is an adventure that you and your children won’t soon forget.  It conjures exciting scenarios and delivers spectacular experiences, and it’s a perfect book for kids who dream big, and see the magic in everything.  If you’ve got little ones about who love to imagine the astounding, Nelson-Moon has got you covered.  Check out Our New Friends, The Dragons on Amazon today!

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