Children’s Fantasy Promo – Mia Fairy and the Pirates

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another trip into the Otherworld.  Today, we’re moving things over to a more magical, kid friendly venue, as we look at the world through a fairy’s eyes.  Read on to learn more about Mia Fairy and the Pirates.

It’s apparent right from the first page that author Beverly Fearon loves her stories with all of her heart.  Developing tales of magic and whimsy, she’s crafted worlds about dragons and ogres and fairies.  Her latest is a tale about a fairy, born from laughter and innocence, who goes on to do some very interesting things.  In Mia Fairy and the Pirates, the titular fairy changes the course of one child’s life, but with Fearon’s book, Mia might just change many more.  It’s a touching story about doing good things, and how they stay with us, even when we might forget.

This story is about Mia Fairy. She lives on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. She finds some mangos and she plants the mango seeds with the help of some bird friends. Then when the trees are fully grown and the mangoes are ripe, some very dirty pirates land on her island and yank down every mango from her precious trees. Then just for fun they set her island on fire. So Mia has to go aboard the nasty pirate ship. There she rescues a boy who was shut up into an old treasure chest because he made the pirate captain mad. Tommy was left to die there but Mia comes just in the nick of time and helps him out of the chest. The adventure then is to trick the pirates into letting them off the ship onto dry land.

Fun for children and interesting enough for adults to want to know what happens next, this story take some interesting twists and turns.  There’s even a bonus story in the epilogue that wraps things up with a beautiful bow.  This isn’t Fearon’s first fairy story, and it surely won’t be her last.  But for now, enjoy yourself while you dive into her latest.  Check out Mia Fairy and the Pirates on Amazon today!

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