Urban Fantasy Promo – Pearl & Joe 633

Hello, and welcome to another great day of visiting other worlds!  We’ve got an interesting story for you today that is going to come out of nowhere and knock your socks off.  Read on to discover more about Pearl & Joe 633.

Author E. Z. Ben-Asher brings to life a story that effortlessly blends together intrigue and humor with Pearl & Joe 633.  It has a religious undertone, built upon the back of Jewish lore, but make no mistake, it serves well as a wonderful contemporary fantasy.  Ben-Asher’s work also reads a bit like cloaked academia.  You’ll be learning some interesting things along the way, but they’ll be masked underneath the enjoyment of a steadily-moving and gripping story that you won’t want to put down.

Can a golem become human? Even after centuries of death? Yosi thinks so, and he has a plan to escape an existence of subjugation. Before, as a simple, famous golem first created centuries ago, he was content to follow instructions and live the slave’s life granted him by his Master. But things have irrevocably changed now, and Yosi is no longer so naïve. Technology has catalyzed a miracle. Yosi finally understands what his newest Master intends to do with him, and Yosi refuses to be his tool. A tool of unimaginable evil.

With the help of a distant relative, a brilliant artist and a legendary Kabbalist sage, Yosi hopes to create a new life for himself, a new identity as Joe 633, and a new purpose. Most of all, Yosi has embraced the exercise of his own will, free of the leash he was born with. Faced with dangerous enemies looking to capture him and his secrets, not all of whom are from this side of the Divide, Yosi is on the run. A run like no human soul has ever experienced before. A run that must end with his death.

Yosi’s escape from enslavement, if successful, has the power to change the World. And maybe the World Beyond.

You can’t talk about this story without also talking about the eponymous Pearl and the person talking to her on the other end of the chat interface, Yosi, who now goes by Joe 633.  Though Ben-Asher’s work shines throughout, his character work is also top-notch.  Pearl and Yosi make for an interesting pair of heroes, and their atypical relationship helps to drive the story forward.  If you’re looking for a contemporary fantasy that will stick with you, this is a great one to dive into.  Check out Pearl & Joe 633 on Amazon today!



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