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That’s Entertainment is a passion project of Michael DeAngelo and Kevin Gallagher. Together, they pour in hours of work each week to provide entertainment news, reviews, and such for all to read and (hopefully) enjoy. While the site does generate a small amount of income, it’s nothing more than a nominal amount (heck, it’s not even enough for us to cash out yet 😁). The best way to support That’s Entertainment is to support the writers of this website! Below you can find the various endeavors that could help support us—as we add more writers to the site, we’ll do our best to include their stuff below too!

Support Mike and Kev

Tellest Catalog


Mike is the creator and lead author for the world of Tellest. The fantasy world is a large library of books now available and is ever expanding, including spinoff games like Quantum QuestVisit Tellest today!

Walking with Writers Podcast Logo

Walking with Writers

Kev is the host of Walking with Writers, an interview podcast where he sits down with other writers from all walks of life. During their conversation, Kev learns about their writing journey, struggles, successes, and more. Subscribe today!


Quantum Quest

Dive into a dungeon with a party of adventurers. See if you can outwit and outlast the other players. Remember, there is no escape—you must survive while you can. Check out Quantum Quest today!


Support Kev’s Game Design

Kev dabbles in game design and has a few games available on These games tend to be easy to learn and quick so that you can play them with your group in a pinch. Check out Kev’s games!


Tellest Etsy Store

The Tellest Etsy shop began selling posters but has expanded to bookmarks, mousepads, and even coffee mugs. Stickers are on their way soon, as well as other great items, so be on the lookout! Visit Tellest Store today!

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Starbird Media, LLC Etsy Store

While Starbird Media, LLC sets up its in-house store, we’ve begun offering a mixture of items made in our workshop and with our printing partners on Etsy. T-shirts, coffee mugs, and mousepads are currently in the store. More on the way and you can always contact us directly for a custom order! Visit the Starbird Media Store today!