Urban Fantasy Promo – VOODOOVILLE Part 1: Hell No To The Unknown!

Good morning folks, and welcome to our first Otherworld stop of the new week.  Today, we’re looking at a fun, hefty book that promises to thrill and delight you.  Read on to learn more about Voodooville.

Author Nova Chimera delivers an amusing debut with VOODOOVILLE Part 1: Hell No To The Unknown!  You’d be hard-pressed to think this was his first, however, since he has such a fun grasp on dialog and story structure, and the tale just flows at an entertaining pace.  This is in part due to well-crafted prose and humorous takes from page to page.  Chimera will have you chortling at some spots, and belly laughing at others, whether it’s from a snappy line a character delivers, or the visual you get when he describes what’s happening.

Welcome to the weirdest morning ever! Follow Spex, a seventeen-year-old boy with severe amnesia who wakes up in a strange new world filled with talking cats, witchdoctors, highly addictive slushies, and its very own criminal underworld. Throughout his journey, Spex desperately seeks the answer to his identity and a way of returning to his old life. In the course of this quest, he finds friendship, tangles with his personal demons, falls in love, gets involved in a gang war, and confronts his own mortality.

There’s magic in the pages of VOODOOVILLE, and it will captivate those that come partake in it.  Whether you’re signing up for hilarity, peculiarity, or just plain quality, Chimera has got you covered.  You’ll find there’s a lot to enjoy within these pages.  And with a second book no doubt on the way, there’s never been a better time to dive into this strange and silly story.  Check out VOODOOVILLE Part 1: Hell No To The Unknown! on Amazon today!

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