Urban Fantasy Promo – CHAOS AND HAVOC: Book One of The Chaos Trilogy

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to another stop along the way through our multiverse of incredible stories.  We’re moving back into contemporary fare again today, looking at a story that feels like it was pulled out of a police procedural story, and mixed in with a healthy dose of the supernatural and the occult.  Be warned, this is also a book that’s not afraid to be sexy—yes, there is adult content, but the story comes first.  Read on to learn more about Chaos and Havoc.

Author Alice Leticia Morgan hits the pavement and hits the ground running with a gritty, sexual, and ultimately magical experience with her debut, CHAOS AND HAVOC: Book One of The Chaos Trilogy.  Morgan definitely knows how to write compelling and captivating scenes, painted with fine artistic strokes.  Indeed, the author may create her art with some grimier colors, given the context of her story, but all those colors come together to create a lovely little masterpiece.  It helps that the characters are a hoot, even when they’re not exactly the ones you should be rooting for.  And best of all, even when you think you know what is going on, the story has ways of catching you off your guard.

Best friends Gia Santiago and Amanda Hendrix set out to start their new careers. Amanda moves to Chicago to work as a newspaper reporter while Gia begins her training at the Miami Police Academy.

Gia’s life starts to collapse when Alexie Lee, her non-binary commanding officer, pushes her to the brink of disaster.
Amanda’s life goes from fantastic to frantic when Isaac Johnson, a deranged Lucifer-loving lunatic, stalks her every move.
When Gia learns her best friend is in the clutches of a madman she teams up with Kevin Hanson, a charismatic college professor and Amanda’s unintentional polyamorous partner.

Will friendship triumph over fate or is Amanda’s soul doomed to languish within the Gates of Hell? Will Gia rescue her best friend or fall prey to the Soldiers of Satan? Destiny is stronger than friendship or fate. Some powers are beyond our control. Enter the world of Gia Santiago and Amanda Hendrix. Your life will never be the same.

Just reading the first few pages goes far to compel readers to keep at it.  Interesting situations, witty, engaging dialog, and of course, steamy scenes, will ensure that folks keep up with Chaos and Havoc.  With snappy chapters that will have readers thumbing through pages quickly, this otherwise substantial story will be over before readers know it.  Luckily, a sequel is on the way, and it promises to be just as compelling and interesting as this one, meaning there’s no better time than now to pick up Morgan’s first book in the trilogy.  Check out CHAOS AND HAVOC: Book One of The Chaos Trilogy on Amazon today!


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