Urban Fantasy Promo – Agents of Angels: Diamond in the Rough

Welcome back readers.  We’re looking to visit a new place in the Otherworld today that will be a little less high fantasy and a little more contemporary fantasy.  It’ll give you the kind of energy you want leading into a weekend, no doubt.  Read on to find out more about the Agents of Angels series.

Author Treena Wynes unleashes her talents with her first urban fantasy, Agents of Angels: Diamond in the Rough.  This supernatural adventure combines touches of humor and deeper personal reflections.  The titular character learns about the great powers she has inside, and helps to unveil the shocking world that has always existed around her.  Despite the unexpected changes to the status quo, the author’s prose feels conversational, as though you’re hearing the story from a friend who is great at spinning yarns.

The truth is I enjoyed very little of my life growing up.

That’s why I turned to drinking.

But I had no idea what was in store when I wound up at Angel’s Haven for court-appointed rehab after almost killing myself in a car accident.  I was told I shouldn’t have survived.

Maybe if I’d known what was coming I wouldn’t have felt so lost, so out-of-touch with my world, for so long. Maybe if I’d known who I was I could have prepared. I never knew such dark creatures existed, or that they were hunting me, but now I know the power coming after me and running was my only option for survival.

When I helped those guys escape and evade the Vipers, I had no idea of just how involved in all of this I was going to be. I had never even heard of half-angels, and now I have just found out that I am one myself.

I’m still struggling to get my head around it all, but the more I learn the more at risk I realize I am.

But not just me, if I don’t come to grips with my new reality and learn my new powers quickly, we could all be doomed…

Raw and gritty where it needs to be, Diamond in the Rough lives up to its namesake, as there is a great tale being spun here without any pretentious, flouncy wordplay.  Even though it has fantastic elements, it feels real, current and fun.  Wynes’s story has a lot of energy, and before you know it, you’ve torn through page after page until you hit the back cover.  Luckily, it ends on a high point and the promise of so much more.  But while you’re waiting for the follow-up, now is a great time to check out this fantasy series debut.  Check out Agents of Angels: Diamond in the Rough on Amazon today!

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Images courtesy of Treena Wynes.


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