Historical Fantasy – The Spindle

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our last stop of the week.  It’s been a busy one, primarily focused on interviews, but we’re coming back to good ol’ fashioned stories, though of course in today’s case, it’s stories that are being told in new ways.  Read on to learn more about today’s great tale.

Newcomer author Ashley Griffin may be debuting her first fantasy novel in The Spindle, but a career in entertainment placed her on a journey for greatness that shines within the pages of her book.  A twist on the classic Sleeping Beauty, The Spindle takes readers on a different path, through the eyes of the dark fairy.  Breathing new life into the fairytale that is more akin to Wicked than it is to something like Malificent, the book serves not only as a great and whimsical time in a new twist on an old tale, but also puts Griffin’s talents on display, demonstrating the breadth in her ability of storycraft.  Whether it’s the catching new characters, the world of connective tissue that’s been created, or the snappy sequences and dialog, the author is at home creating.

“The Spindle” is the classic fairy tale, “Sleeping Beauty,” retold from the dark fairy’s point of view…

Set in the Celtic world of the fifth century, the Faeries, elemental spirits charged with caring for the earth and all its inhabitants, are being forgotten and facing extinction. In a desperate bid for survival, sweet, sycophantic Violet, faerie of beauty, love and dreams, breaks the faerie law and gives the barren Queen a child, threatening to dismantle the future of human history. Her sister Nor, the faerie of death, who desires to be truly loved though she is shunned by all mankind, must right Violet’s wrong and restore Princess Rose to her correct place in time before it’s too late. Her plan is threatened by a prideful King desperate to maintain his power, the kind, poor gardener Arthur whose destiny is endangered by his deep love for the Princess he was never supposed to meet, and Princess Rose herself, an intelligent, passionate young woman fated to become one of the greatest rulers the land has ever known.

A veritable renaissance woman, Ashley Griffin shows again and again that no matter what she sets her mind to, she can achieve.  And while she has cultivated skills in other industries on her way here, The Spindle shows that she still has new tricks to put on display.  She is adept at bringing fantasy to life, and leading readers from one page to the next with an abundance of magic and majesty.  It’s also wonderful seeing different perspectives, and finding the truth caught between everyone else’s stories.  In any case, this is one story you should not sleep on.  Check out The Spindle by Ashley Griffin on Amazon today!

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