Fantasy Promo – Tale of Houndin Part 1: Giro’s Chalice

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to another stop amidst the Otherworld.  We’re going to be spending time in a new fantasy realm today, and it’s one that has a lot of passion and forethought built into it, and tells tales of heroism aplenty.  If that sounds up your alley, read on to learn more about Tale of Houndin Part 1: Giro’s Chalice.

Setting the stage of his growing world of Ladalu, which has lore that he developed before the first pages were even written, author CM Gerdes has released his feature-length debut: Tale of Houndin Part 1: Giro’s Chalice.  His tale is a mystical escape, and an immersive experience that takes people away from the world they know, and thrusts them into something magical and remarkable.  Ladalu is teeming with gods and goddesses who exercise their influence over the realm, and there is bountiful mythology that Gerdes is working on to ensure that the world feels lived in and lively.  The author weaves the elements of the world into the story with a soft touch, leaving readers feeling like they’re learning about Ladalu without a feeling of forced academia.

“Sometimes it is out of your hands, my young Lord Houndin; it’s by will gods we set out on things we did not think of doing, sometimes we better off for it.” – Grandmaster Ivon of Order of the Chalice.

Houndin Arwin, son of Duke Huin Arwin, a Machiavellian ruler, is seeking the throne of man for his family line when he took his title and lands. Through his effort, he set up marriages with the three princesses in line for the throne for his children.

Houndin is a paladin seeking only to serve the gods and goddesses and his family but his lover, his childhood friend Elinor Lorwin an immortal elf, which is frowned upon by the human nobility to marry. So, in the end, he must choose between his family, his childhood friend, or gods and goddesses that have set up a different path for him out of his father, Elinor, or his control. As ancient evil awakens long forgotten even by the ancient elves.

While Ladalu is abound with some of the fantasy mainstays that readers and fans have come to enjoy in the genre, Gerdes manages to set his world aside with breathtaking views, witty banter, and a few fresh takes that ensure it feels every bit its own.  For folks who are keen to dive into a new world that is growing in leaps and bounds thanks to a passionate storyteller, this is a lovely entry point into a new literary fantasy universe.  Check out Tale of Houndin Part 1: Giro’s Chalice on Amazon today!

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