Choose Your Own Adventure Fantasy Promo – Book of Forsaken Futures: MAGI (Books of Forsaken Futures 2)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our third spot of the week.  This time around, it seems as though we’ve stepped into a portal with strange power indeed, because we’re looking at the first ever Choose Your Own Adventure story on this site.  Read on to learn more about the strange and addicting Book of Forsaken Futures.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Shawn Nichols is that he has a lot to say.  In his newest book, Book of Forsaken Futures: MAGI (Books of Forsaken Futures 2), that’s readily apparent, as the book clocks in at over a thousand pages in Kindle format.  None of that is superfluous, mind you.  Nichols presents just the right amount of exposition, and dialog, and action, and manages to deliver a book that marches forth at a wonderful pace.  Moreover, he does so with a book that hops in many different directions.  Choose Your Own Adventure stories have a chance to go off the rails at any point, but Nichols built his tracks sturdy and strong, and they’ll entice readers all the way to the end, no matter which ending they’ll get.

Fate is breaking and you choose when and how. From the opening, the choice of one man breaks fate around a random infant, Hale. His choices break fate further upon those around him, until reality itself is at risk of breaking. Take the perspective of over 50 characters in an adventure to choose your fate. In a world of colliding magic and science, every choice brings a different perspective and a different adventure. May your choices bring you the greatest adventure.

It’s always great when you can return to enjoy a book a second time.  With Nichols’s excellent book, readers can come back to it again and again, learning what choices they may have skipped out on, and how things might have been different if they had taken a chance.  On top of that, they’ll get a chance to see the author’s gripping, exciting prose executed in other sequences.  The best news is that if you enjoy the world that Nichols unleashes here, he’s got more on the way, in a bit more of a linear fashion that explores it in some other ways.  But you should start here, as it’s a great introduction to his writing craftsmanship.  Check out Book of Forsaken Futures: MAGI (Books of Forsaken Futures 2) on Amazon today!

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