Album Promo: The Light Within by King Kerp

The Light Within Featured Image

This afternoon we’ve got a new rap album for you to check out. It recently hit streaming platforms, so you’ll be able to listen to it on the platform of your choice! If you stick around, we’ll have it handy for you below. Let’s take a look at The Light Within by King Kerp.

A Parental Advisory warning comes with King Kerp’s new 13 track album. The Light Within starts with a powerful intro track that lays the groundwork for the rest of the album. You can hear the passion that King Kerp has for not just the story he’s telling, but for his craft. 369 and Stormy Weather are two of the tracks that stood out to me and showcase King Kerp’s skill. While I’m far from the biggest music fan, I grew up in the 90s and have a particular fondness for Hip Hop/Rap and The Light Within is a nice throwback to that era.

The Light Within by King Kerp Album cover

King Kerp is an Mtl rapper writing music to express the light within. Hoping to open and change minds, he uses lyrics to express himself to the fullest capacity. He manifests purity in the universe and attempts to create it through vibrations and isn’t worried about fame or money; just concerned with enlightenment and self-improvement. With his music and the entry King Kerp portrays, he’s making a new paradigm of spiritual awakening.

Check out The Light Within below, on Spotify, or on the streaming platform of your choice.

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